Rachelle W. Chuang MA MFA is an interdisciplinary art educator. Since 2008, she has taught in the Art and Graphic Design Departments at seven colleges in Southern California as both a full time and adjunct professor (Chapman, IVC, Biola, LCAD, Saddleback, Concordia and OCC). Most of all, she is committed to God, beauty, purpose, creativity, generosity and empowering others.
Chapman University Graphic Design Dept.
IVC Digital Media Dept.
LCAD Illustration Dept.
Biola University Media, Journalism and Public Relations Dept.

My work is the result of experimentation and chance using four things that I love: paper, print, collage and color. Full sheets of heavyweight paper are uniquely printed from antique wood type, cut into strips and collaged on wood panels using archival PVA glue. Thick layers of epoxy resin are used to coat each work, resulting in brilliant, lively colors that show natural mark making from relief printing as well as overprinted color shapes. I consider this series a demonstration of creative color play with the “work” being the multiple processes used in its creation. I hope that every viewer receives a color benediction as an enjoyable, visually saturated experience.

(This is not a comprehensive list!)
Chapman University, 
 Senior Lecturer & Assistant Professor: Book Arts & Hand Lettering, Color, Advanced Typography, Book Design, Graphic Design Research and Methodologies, Graphic Design
Laguna College of Art + Design, Adjunct: Graphic Illustration, Art Reproduction Methods, Words, Images & Ideas
SOCCCD IVC and Saddleback, Adjunct: Graphic Design 1, Graphic Design 2, Typography, 2D Design and Color Theory, Letterpress
Biola University, Adjunct & Associate Professor: Media Design Essentials, Advanced Typography, Typography, Bookmaking, Printmaking, 3D Design, 2D Design, Digital Tools,  Historical Development of Design